Treading a path of her own

Meet Sangeetha Bhimsi of Belagavi district. She was the first woman in her Gram Panchayat to demand work under MGNREGA. Back then, she found it difficult, but did not give up the fight for her rights. Eventually, Sangeetha organised workers in her village into a group named "Devi Durga Sangha" and mobilized more people to work under the scheme.

Today, over 1000 workers are employed under MGNREGA in Sangeetha’s village. This is her 7th year working under the scheme and she has completed 100 days of employment for three years. As a mate, Sangeetha manages a team of 34 labourers and supervises worksites, gives markouts, takes measurements, and makes wage payments


A dream comes true

Shobha from Davangere always had a dream of owning and building a shelter for her 2 buffaloes. Wary of the external threat to her cattle for years, she finally approached her local Gram Panchayat for help.

Thanks to MGNREGA

convergence, a cattle-shed was built adjacent to her house. This ensured her cattle did not stray, protected them from external threats, and improved their health, leading to an increase in milk production.